I’m Elizabeth Oakes and I’ve been writing, editing and creating content for over a decade. I hold Associates degrees in internet technology and the social sciences and minored in writing at Western Oregon University.

I’ve done professional web-content creation and editing in small-business settings for the past four years, including blog-writing and web design. As a content editor and marketing editor for small businesses, I’ve developed my skills in editing papers for a wide range of audiences, from professional  materials engineers to bird-watching hobbyists. Whatever your target audience, I know how to reach them through words.

Prior to entering the IT field, I managed bookstores both in the Bay Area and in Mount Shasta for almost a decade, including the famous Phileas Fogg’s bookstore, formerly in Stanford Shopping Center. It was my work on the Phileas Fogg’s website that convinced me to return to school for a second associates degree.

As an involved professional book-buyer and a review reader for various publishers for several years, I know what makes a good book, and I know what sells a book. (At least, I think I do. I seem to remember a certain bestseller that I reviewed as a poorly written, thinly disguised “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fanfiction. I guess we can’t be right all the time.)

Most importantly, I’m an author myself. I know how it feels to have an editor send back a manuscript that’s full of corrections and criticism, leaving me feeling fearful and full of doubt, and I also know what it feels like to have an editor who is supportive and offers creative criticism and corrections without tearing me down. I aim to be the second kind of editor.  I want you to succeed, because when one writer succeeds, it opens doors for all writers.

Whether you’re looking for fresh content for your tired website, clean-up editing on a technical manual, or an in-depth review of your  novel-in-progress, I can help.

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