Novel Editing


First 10 Pages are FREE!
I don’t want you to pay for anything if you don’t like how I work. If you send me your first ten pages, I’ll send you back a comprehensively edited sample, with proofreading and grammar corrections as well as editing notes and suggestions for making your story really pop.

Beta Reading / Concept Editing- $50.00 per novel
What you get:
Thorough read-through of your novel and a written critique that will address all of the following and more. I point out your issues and make suggestions for improving your rough draft.

  • Plot holes
  • Character inconsistencies
  • Plot inconsistencies
  • Flow
  • Reader impact
  • Language use

Why you need it: There are tons of people out there who will offer to Beta Read your work for free. Any good writing group has beta exchanges. But what I’ve found is that what I get back from those groups is “I loved it!” or “It was good.” or “I like my heroes to have blue eyes/the dog was nice/where do you get your promo bookmarks?” Half the time you end up wondering if they even read it at all. I used to beta read for free, or in exchange, but what I found was that I never got back the kind of work that I put in.

When you need it: Only you can say for sure when you’re ready for beta reading, but I recommend around the second or third draft, when you’re starting to doubt if it’s any good, or can no longer see the forest for the trees. A good concept editor can help you chop out the deadwood and open up a trail between you and and publication.

Basic Proofreading – $100.00 for 200 Pages + $25.00 for every 50 pages over 200.
What you get: Thorough grammar and spelling check, including punctuation, and, if requested, formatting corrections to meet publisher specifications. I track all changes so that you have control over what stays in your final draft.

Why proofreading is a good idea: Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how meticulous they are.

When you need it:  You need proofreading anytime anyone is going to read your work, whether you’re self-publishing, querying an agent, or are sending something to a publisher with you whom you have a contract.
*Note – Proofreading is for the final draft of your novel. Please don’t ask me to proofread your rough draft. That’s like painting the walls before the house is built.

Comprehensive Editing – $250 for up to 75,000 words + $25.00 for every 25,000 words over that.
(That’s right- a 100,000 page novel for $275.00)
What you get: Take everything above and double it. I will dissect every word of your novel, weed out pesky inconsistencies, hunt down grammar errors, and straighten out awkward prose. I’ll offer suggestions to improve readability and better connect with your readers, and help you make your novel more commercially viable. We’ll sharpen your story to a fine needle point that will jab agents and publishing editors right in their “I want this book” zone!

Why you need it: The book market is super-saturated at this point. It doesn’t matter what genre you’re writing in or whether you’re traditionally publishing or self-publishing, there are simply too many books on the market and only the best aren’t going to sink down to the sludge at the bottom. Publishers are spoiled for choice, and they aren’t going to waste time on a mediocre story. Neither are readers.

When you need it:   When your story is as good as you can get it on your own, and you’ve tossed it to a few beta readers and incorporated, at minimum, their best suggestions, it’s time for a thorough, comprehensive edit.  Don’t send me your rough draft for a comprehensive edit. Send me your as-close-to-finished-as-you-can- get-it draft.

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