Proofreading is the art of correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation to improve readability of a written work.
‘Strunk & White Elements of Style’ is my best friend, and the ‘Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary’ is my second best friend.  If they aren’t your friends then let me help!

Student Rates: $12 per hour, and I never charge for time I didn’t work. If your essay takes fifteen minutes, I charge you for $3.00.
(SORRY! Student rate is for proofreading only. I will not research, write, or format your paper for you. You’re in school to learn your subject, not have me learn it for you. )

Corporate Blog/Website Rates:

  • Blog proofreading: $18.00 an hour
  • Website content proofing: $20.00 an hour
  • Sales & Ad Copy: $18.00 an hour.
  • White Papers, Technical Papers, etc: Rates start at $18 and go up dependent on project.
    See my Corporate page for more!

Professional Documents: Includes White Papers, Technical Papers, Instruction manuals, and company materials such as technical procedure manuals and safety manuals.
Pricing starts at $18.00 an hour,

Educational Documents:
Textbooks, supplementary materials, thesis papers,  research articles.
Pricing starts at $18.00 an hour per project, and goes up dependent on project.

 Novels & Nonfiction
Fiction Basic Proofreading – $150 for 250 pages + $25 for ever 50 pages over that.
Nonfiction  – Pricing starts at $50.00 and goes up based on complexity and length of project.
Learn more on my Novel Editing page. 

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